The Best Keychains for Men

11 March 2020

The best keychains for men

8 keychains to upgrade your everyday carry

Keychains are essential. You likely use one everyday, but you might by missing the pleasure of owning a truly revolutionary keychain.

We selected what we consider to be the best keychains for men. To come up with this list, we looked for keychains that are:

  • Built to last
  • Well-designed
  • Functional

We narrowed down our list to the 8 best keychains for men. These keychains offer practical functions such as a bottle opener, a screwdriver or even a pipe… Yes, you read it right… A pipe…

These are the perfect addition to your everyday carry.

James ‘Halifax’ Keychain Multi-Tool

James Halifax

Source: The James Brand

A compact and sleek keychain featuring a multi-tool function. Upgrade your EDC with the Halifax.

Made from solid billet titanium, the Halifax stands out thanks to its black Cerakote finishing. Featuring a stainless steel bottle opener, a flathead/Phillips screwdriver, and a pry bar, this multitool deserves the title of best keychain for men. It is the perfect tool to carry with you wherever you go, always in your pocket or bag.

View the Halifax on Huckberry

The best keychain for men - James ‘Mehlville’

The team behind the James brand has demonstrated in product after product how much they care about crafting functional and sturdy EDC (everyday carry) tools.

James Mehlville

Source: The James Brand

If we had to pick one EDC accessory from James, it would be The Mehlville. This keychain is a carabiner carved from a solid piece of aluminum. Making it strong and light at the same time.

A functional design for a carabiner built like a tank.

We love the buttery smooth opening and closing of the carabiner gates. Because details matter, James added a bottle opener function to the Mehlville.

The Mehlville deserves its place among the best keychains for men.

View the Mehlville on Huckberry

Micro USB NomadKey

This little tool is not a keychain but a functional companion to complement your keychain.


Source: NOMAD

If your smartphone operates on Android, you will thank us.

The NomadKey will allow you to connect your phone to any USB port. Use it to charge your device or to transfer data.

View the Micro USB NomadKey on Huckberry

The Keyhook in Raw Brass

We like to think that less is more. The Keyhook reflects this belief as it focuses only on keeping your keys together.

Don’t expect to see many guys sporting this keychain as the Keyhook was produced in a small batch.

Due to the nature of raw brass, the Keyhook will like premium leather, gain a nice patina over time.


Source: Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch designed a non-bulky keychain that will look great no matter what you wear. You could try for example to pair it with a denim shirt or trousers from Taylor Stitch.

If you enjoy brass-made EDC, check out this great brass bottle opener from Craighill.

It looks like a manly piece of art.

The Shard keychain tool by Gerber

Considered as the best EDC tool from Gerber, this EDC tool features 7 functions to help you get things done. We like that the team behind this product coated the Shard with titanium nitride for maximum protection against corrosion.

Shard Keychain

Source: Gerber


  • Pry Bar
  • Small Flathead Driver
  • Wire Stripper Puller
  • Large Flathead Driver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Cross Driver

View the Shard keychain tool by Gerber on Amazon

The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool by RESQME

While we are not thrilled by the design of this keychain, we can only praise it for its life-saving functionality.

The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool by RESQME

Source: Amazon

REQME designed this keychain to cute your seatbelt and shatters your car’s glass in the event of a car accident.

While you might not want to carry it with you all the time, we recommend placing at least two of them in your car.

View the Original Keychain Car Escape Tool on Amazon

The Geekey Multitool

The Geekey Multitool

Source: Amazon

The Geekey is not a keychain, but its functionality could not be ignored. This multitool his even featuring a pipe. Made with stainless steel 420, it has over 16+ functions. From a bottle opener, a bit driver, an open wrench to a pipe…

View the Geekey Multitool on Amazon

The Survival Pod by Wazoo Survival Gear

Source: Amazon

You never know how much you need a paracord until you really need one. From an improvised dry hanger, a leash for your dog or extra gear to secure on your bike or backpack… This keychain and its paracord will do the trick.

View the Survival Pod on Huckberry

Here you have it. The 8 best keychains currently available for men. Which one would you add to your EDC?

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