Reviewing the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0

12 February 2020

Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0; is this the last razor you’ll ever use?

How the startup Supply wants to change the way we shave

While browsing video clips of Shark Tank on Youtube, we came across the startup Supply and its latest razor; the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0. Intrigued by the sleek design of this grooming tool, we decided to take a closer look at the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0.

Multiple blades razors are bad for you

Men have been influenced year after year by large FMCG corporations telling them that they should use razors fitted with multiple blades (from up to five blades). As a result, men believed that such blades would offer them the best shaving experience, leaving their faces smooth and flawless…

On paper, this sounds nice. Maximum results with minimum efforts. In practice, you should not expect a pleasant shaving experience resulting in smooth skin. A multiple blades razor is designed to shave your facial hair under the skin… With one passage, your skin will be “attacked’’ by up to 5 blades. This will result in ingrown hair, bumps, and skin irritations.

Your grandfather did it the right way

Your skin can’t bear the friction created by a multi-blade razor scraping your face each time you shave.

When Patrick and Jennifer, realized this, they took massive action and launched Supply to assist men to start their day the right way with the help of a single blade razor.

Supply didn’t reinvent the wheel. Patrick and Jennifer upgraded took an existing and working grooming tool, by redesigning it and using the best materials available to build it.

Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0. review

The single blade razor your grandfather used is the right way a man should shave his face.

The Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0, is a single blade razor featuring premium sharp blades that will take care of facial hair without creating any bumps.

The result; a smooth skin day after day.

Aerospace-grade materials for a clean shave

The Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0 is available in two different premium materials.

  • Alloy razors coated with aerospace-grade PVD chrome for maximum durability.
  • 100% solid stainless steel razors for comfort and sturdiness.

We love the design of this product. A blend of simplicity with a futuristic touch. We could see this razor in the house of a minimalist architect or used by the men of the USS Enterprise (Startrek).

Reviewing the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0

What’s so special about the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0?

Safety: designed to accept injector style blades. Simple, safe and efficient.

Durability: the Supply single blades are thicker than the ones you find in your local supermarket or on Amazon. Because the blades are thicker, their sharpness and lifespan are longer. One blade allows 5 to 10 clean and comfortable shaves, if not more.

Customization: Supply designed the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0 with 3 different blade settings, allowing you to select from a sensitive shave to an aggressive shave.

Affordability: On average, with a shave club, you will spend US$9/month. That’s US$108 per year. After using your Supply Single Edge Razor for more than 1 year, you will spend in blades only US$24 per year (US$6/3 months).


The 5 advantages of the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0

If you are still not convinced by the advantages of the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0, we compared below the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0 with a multiple blades razor you can get from a shave club or from your local supermarket.

  Multiple blades Single Edge Razor 2.0
Made to last Built to be disposable Made with aerospace-grade 100% stainless steel or aerospace-grade PVD chromed alloy.
Environmentally friendly Your plastic razor will most likely end up in a landfill. Build to last
Good for your skin Multi blades create friction. Designed to shave below the surface of your skin. Expect skin irritations, ingrown hairs, and bumps. The Single Edge Razor 2.0 cuts the hair at skin level, without any friction. Your skin will appreciate this.
Sharp and sturdy blades Hairs will clog your multi-blade razor. This will damage the blades easily. Thicker blades lasting from five to ten shaves, if not longer.
Save money Shave club: spend on average US$9/month to buy blades. Supply: buy a life-lasting quality handle, followed by US$6/3 months for the blades.
Customize your shave No customization is available. 3 available presets… From a sensitive shave to an aggressive shave.

Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0

For an initial fee of US$75 for the razor and 3 months’ worth of blades (8 blades), the Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0, offers a clean shave, saves you money and will look good in your bathroom. What can you ask more?

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Source: All pictures used for this review are from Supply

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