Why we love the Bellroy Hide and Seek

24 January 2020

The Bellroy Hide and Seek & 2 Other Accessories You Should Own

Our Top 3 Gear Choices from Bellroy

Are you tired of your bulky wallet? How about that poorly designed phone case? The time to upgrade your style has arrived.

We handpicked the top 3 products from Bellroy you should own, including the Bellroy Hide and Seek. They look good, are durable and feel great to carry around.

Bellroy was created in 2010 by a group of Australian friends who were frustrated in their need to carry bulky wallets. Unable to find what they were looking for, they launched Bellroy with the aim to create timeless accessories to improve the way people travel and carry their most prized belongings.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek; a slim and minimalist wallet

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is an RFID protected, stylish bifold wallet. This slim wallet is made with top-grade environmentally-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather. Unlike other wallets made with hard leather, the Bellroy Hide and Seek features a soft leather that will develop a beautiful patina over time. This patina will provide a unique look to your everyday carry (EDC).

Bellroy’s logo is on the external front panel. Made with metal, the owl-shaped logo creates a nice contrast of texture between the leather and the metal.

Separate colors were chosen for the inside, outside, and in the thread stitching. Bellroy is playing with contrasts to give a novel look to the Bellroy Hide and Seek.

A practical solution for your cards and cash

Bellroy designed the Hide and Seek wallet to allow you to carry your cash and cards discreetly.

In addition to its 5 visible card slots, the wallet has one additional secret slot located in the secondary cash compartment. This cash compartment is concealed by a thin leather flap, allowing you to hide extra banknotes and cards. Now you know why this wallet was named the Hide and Seek.

We love this secondary cash pouch as we can use it to carry foreign currencies when traveling abroad.

Like all Bellroy accessories, the Hide and Seek comes with a 3-year international warranty.

The Bellroy Note Sleeve

Carry more without sacrificing style. If a minimalist wallet like the Hide and Seek is not enough, the Bellroy Note Sleeve is for you. This is not your usual bulky wallet. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, this bi-fold wallet can hold a lot, while still maintaining a minimal, sleek exterior.

Small details for a strong impression

This RFID-protected wallet is made with environmentally friendly vegetable-tanned leather, available in multiple color options. Like with the Hide and Seek, the Note Sleeve is made with two different leather colors (external/internal) to create a nice contrast of colors.

Unlike the Hide and Seek, there is no steel owl on the Note Sleeve. Instead, the Bellroy brand is stamped onto the leather.

When style meets practicality

Open your Note Sleeve to grab one of your 3 most important cards. For us, that’d be a credit card, a metro card, or our gym membership. Tuck away the other cards in a compartment that includes an easy-access pull tab. You can carry up to 11 cards in the Bellroy Note Sleeve. That’s more than enough to store your credit cards, gym membership, subway pass, ID cards, or frequent flyer cards.

Inside the pouch dedicated to banknotes, you will find a compartment for your business cards as well as a pocket to store coins. This wallet has everything you need.

The Bellroy Note Sleeve comes with a 3-year international warranty.

In our opinion, there is only one thing missing to make the Bellroy Note Sleeve the best wallet in the market; a small compartment to carry a micro USB or an additional sim card (for travelers).

The Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card

Phone cases are an everyday item we all use to protect our beloved smartphones. There is no scarcity in terms of brands and designs on the market. When it comes to functionality and durability, there is no better brand than Bellroy.

If you own an iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card is for you. Bellroy’s offer is simple; a functional and durable phone case that can conceal your 3 most important cards.

The Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card is manufactured with premium, environmentally certified leather and polymer. Thanks to its flexible polymer and soft microfiber lining, this case will protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max from bumps and scratches.

Features we love

  • Conceal your 3 most commonly used cards with ease. Less is more!
  • Use the case’s magnetic closing flap as a phone stand. You will love this feature when watching a movie on your phone.
  • A compartment to store an extra sim card and changing pin. A small detail travelers will appreciate.

We are sorry to see that this case is currently not available for other iPhone models or Samsung devices.

There you have it. Our three favorite accessories from Bellroy to declutter 2020 and focus your energy on what matters.

Honorable mentions

Bellroy Tech Folio

Organize all your work gear in a sleek pouch. From your laptop and cables to your smartphone, keep your work tools protected no matter where you go.

The Transit backpack

The ideal backpack for urban travelers. Carry your work gear together with enough cloths for that short trip out of town.

The Classic Backpack

With its large storing capacity (20 liters) and materials made from recycled plastic bottles, the Classic Backpack is your perfect travel companion.

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Source: All pictures used for this review are from Bellroy